Directed Independent Study

Geology 300/400: Directed Independent Study

Directed Independent Study, Geology 300 or 400, is an individualized course of study not available through or replacing existing curriculum, to be arranged between one matriculating student and sponsoring faculty member.

All academic policies and registration deadlines apply.

Directed Independent Study courses cannot substitute for General University Requirements and are not eligible for tuition waiver.

Contact the Geology Office with questions

If you have any questions about this process, or would like to know how Geology 300/400 would apply towards your major, please contact the Geology Office. 

How to Enroll

1. Identify your independent study faculty advisor

Your first step will be to find a Geology faculty member who is available and willing to sponsor your independent study. 

Consider the following questions to help narrow down who to ask: What topics are you interested in? Are there any Geology faculty who specialize in that topic, or currently doing research about that topic? 

Each faculty member's geology subspecialties are listed in their profile page on the Geology Website. Some also have personal research websites that showcase their work and research groups.

Please review their profiles here: 

2. Contact your potential independent study advisor

Once you find a possible independent study advisor, reach out to them to ask if they are available to oversee your independent study, and please make sure to include a brief description of the topic of interest you'd like to explore. 

3. Complete the Independent Study Form

Once you and your independent study advisor have agreed on a topic and created a plan of study, you will then need to complete an eform to receive credit.

Your independent study advisor and Geology Department Chair will need to approve this form. 

Note: The Registrar's Office will create the CRN for this course and enroll you once the eform has been approved.