Invited Speaker Seminar with Dr. Jaia Syvitski: "River Temperature and the Thermal-dynamic Transport of Sediment"

Please join us for a seminar with Dr. Jaia Syvitski on "River Temperature and the Thermal-dynamic Transport of Sediment". 

Abstract: "Spatial and temporal variability of river temperature, and its impact on sediment transport, is explored. Global river temperatures, computed daily using 1980–2010 climate, reflect latitudinal and seasonal variations in solar radiation, wind patterns, humidity, and water sources, and can be cooler or warmer than air temperatures...The common practice of using fluid density and
temperature constants (ρf=1000 kg/m3, T=20 °C) in transport models, can greatly under-predict subpolar and alpine river transport and over-predict sediment transport in a tropical river. Temperature variations impact rivers that transport a preponderance of fine sediment, a characteristic of most large rivers. These trends in river temperature and sediment transport have important ecological and anthropogenic implications. The effects on sediment transport will be especially important to quantify under a warming climate and where human influences, such as urbanization, may change the riverine thermal regime.

If you would like to attend, please email for the Zoom link.