3D Geological Modeling Software Donated to the Geology Department

The Geology Department has recently received a software donation for ten academic licenses of the powerful geological model software package MOVE Suite by PE Limited, valued at more than $2.7 million. MOVE is a 2D and 3D geological modeling and visualization environment that combines both surface and subsurface geological and geophysical datasets. MOVE is used primarily for stratigraphic and structural modeling of basins and tectonically active regions.

In the WWU Geology Department, this software donation will facilitate teaching across the undergraduate and graduate program in several different courses on structural geology and tectonics, exposing students to tools that are widely used in many areas of applied geosciences in industry and consulting. In addition to teaching, Dr. Paul Betka’s Structural Geology and Tectonics research group will use the 2D kinematic modeling and core MOVE modules in ongoing research on the structure and seismic hazard of convergent margins. Research groups led by Dr. Emily Roland and Dr. Colin Amos will also use the MOVE software to help develop community fault models for Cascadia. We look forward to expanding the research and teaching applications of this software package in the Geology program. We appreciate the academic licenses donated by PE Limited, providing our students an opportunity to gain experience with 3D visualization and modeling technology commonly used in geoscience industries.