Professor and Chair of the Geology Department
Laboratory Manager and Research Scientist
Paleomagnetist and Research Associate
Emeritus Professor

Current Researchers

Will Callebert

Graduate student working on paleomagnetism and magnetic fabrics in Upper Cretaceous turbidites from Ochoco Basin (OR)

Tess Fillman  

Graduate student working on tectonic evolution of the McCartney Tectonic Salient (MT) inferred from magnetic fabrics and secondary magnetizations in sedimentary Cretaceous rocks

Amanda Ketting-Olivier

Graduate student working on the paleomagnetic (including paleointensity) characterization of Pleistocene lava flows from Mount Baker (WA)

Charles Linneman

Graduate student working on structural evolution of the Doty Fault (SW WA) by assessing Vertical Axes Rotations of paleomagnetic components in Columbia River Basalts

Masoud Mirzaei

Graduate student working on Jurassic sedimentary rocks from Black Hills (SD and WY) in order to test models about North America's Apparent Polar Wander Path

Former Team Members

Luigi Jovane

Associate Professor at Instituto Oceanográfico da Universidade de São Paulo (IOUSP), he was a Paleomagnetic Laboratory member during 2009 and 2010. His research interests include Paleomagnetism, Environmental Magnetism, Marine Geophysics, Magnetostratigraphy, Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanography.

Molly Johnson (M.S. Geology, Spring 2020)

Worked in geothermal energy resources in Akutan (AK) through paleomagnetic dating of deep cores

Paige Morkner (M.S. Geology, Summer 2019)

Worked on tsunami hazard in the Bellingham Bay (WA) through magnetic fabrics analyses in marine deposits