Geology Department Invited Speaker Seminars

The Geology Department Seminars feature research presentations by guest speakers who specialize in different fields of Geology.

Please join us on Tuesdays at 4pm, via Zoom. 

Speaker Presentation Title Date
No seminar GSA Annual Meeting Oct 12
Graduate Student Success Committee All graduate student meeting (in-person in ES 100) Oct 19
No seminar No seminar Oct 26
Shreya Kanakiya, University of Auckland Acid-sulfate Alteration in Volcanoes and its Geophysical Signatures

Nov 2

Dr. Sarah Schanz, Colorado College

Holocene Landscape Evolution in the Teanaway River Basin

Nov 9
Dr. Peng Ni, Carnegie Institution of Science Probing into the deep Earth using Fe isotopes of diamond inclusions. Nov 16
No seminar Thanksgiving Week Nov 23
No seminar Dead week Nov 30


Geology Lunch Talks (GLT)

On Fridays at noon, please join us via Zoom for research and informational presentations delivered by Geology students (undergraduate and graduate), staff  and faculty.

Enjoy your lunch while listening to all the fascinating endeavors the Geology Department is involved with!

After the talks, there will be time for questions.

Speaker Presentation Title Date
Dr. Bernie Housen

Scholarships and Opportunities for Geology Students

Oct 15
Dr. Jackie Caplan-Auerbach Tips and Tricks for Applying to Graduate School Oct 22
Dr. Liz Schermer Geology of Washington State Oct 29
Geology Department Department All-Hands Meeting Nov 5
Graduate students Thesis Proposal Presentations, 33 Talks  Nov 12
Graduate students Thesis Proposal Presentations, 33 Talks  Nov 19
No seminar Thanksgiving Week Nov 26
Graduate students/Faculty AGU Talks (tentative) Dec 3


List of All Upcoming Geology Events

There are currently no events.