Geology Department Invited Speaker Seminars

The Geology Department Seminars feature research presentations by guest speakers who specialize in different fields of Geology.

Please join us on Tuesdays at 4pm, via Zoom. 

Speaker Presentation Date
Bridgit Boulahanis, LDEO, Columbia University  The evolution of the hydration state of the Juan de Fuca plate from Ridge to Trench offshore Washington state April 6
Paul Rady, Antero Midstream  How to recognize a shale-gas play, and the role of commodity markets in the energy industry April 13
Sophia Tsang, University of Auckland Modelling the Hazard Footprint and Consequences of Lava Flows in an Urban Environment April 20
Christine Regalla, Northern Arizona University General topic: PNW Crustal Faults April 27
Graduate Student Success Meeting Student-led activity for geology graduate students May 4
Robert Holder, University of Michigan General topic: Geochronology, Petrology May 18
Graduate Student Success Committee Graduate Student All-Hands Meeting June 1


Geology Lunch Talks (GLT)

The Geology Department is excited to introduce Geology Lunch Talks this year!

On Fridays at noon, join us via Zoom for research and informational presentations delivered by Geology students (undergraduate and graduate), staff  and faculty.

Enjoy your lunch while listening to all the fascinating endeavors the Geology Department is involved with!

After the talks, there will be time for questions.

Speaker Presentation Date
WWU Geology URGE Pod Unlearning Racism in the Geosciences (URGE) Update, Part 2 April 9
Camilo Ponton

Isotopic Evidence of Natural Gas in Equilibrium and Implications for Its Formation

April 16
Jackie Caplan-Auerbach

Remarkable Parallels Between Two Extraordinary Eruptions: Lo`ihi, 1996, and Kilauea, 2018

April 23
Emily Roland

Transformative: Why Studying Oceanic Transform Faults Warrants Lots of Time at Sea

April 30
Kristina Walowski Explosivity and Eruption Dynamics of Cinder Cone Volcanoes in the Southern Cascades May 21
Eric Grossman

Modeling Coastal Flood Hazards and Sediment Transport for a Changing World

May 28
WWU Geology URGE Pod Unlearning Racism in the Geosciences (URGE) Update, Part 3 June 4


List of All Upcoming Geology Events

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