Geology Department Invited Speaker Seminars

Every other Tuesday @ 4pm

The Geology Department Seminars feature research presentations by guest speakers who specialize in different fields of Geology.

Please join us every other Tuesday at 4pm in the Environmental Studies Building, ES 100. The lecture will be followed by crackers and cheese from 5-6pm in the Environmental Studies Building Atrium (first floor). All are welcome!

Date Location Speaker Topic
Jan 23 ES 100 Canceled -Dr. Josh Krissansen-Totton, University of Washington

Leveraging atmosphere-interior evolution models to understand habitability on Earth, Venus, and rocky exoplanets

Feb 6 ES 100 Dr. Alex Hughes, University of British Columbia Characterizing submarine hazards using novel data from underwater vehicles
Feb 20 ES 100 Dr. Alex Parker, SETI Institute Exploration at the Edge: Revealing the Earliest Stages of Planet Formation with the Solar System Origins Legacy Survey
Mar 5 ES 100 Dr. Catherine Johnson, University of British Columbia Mars' Magnetic Field: Progress and Puzzles


Geology Lunch Talks (GLT)

Fridays @ 12pm

Please join us for research and informational presentations delivered by Geology students (undergraduate and graduate), staff and faculty!

Enjoy your lunch while listening to all the fascinating endeavors the Geology Department is involved with!

After the talks, there will be time for questions. All are welcome!

Date Location Speaker Topic
Jan 12 ES 213/Zoom URGE Pod URGE Action Item Updates
Jan 19 ES 100 Geology Graduate Students Graduate Student Symposium I
Jan 26 ES 100 Geology Graduate Students Graduate Student Symposium II
Feb 2 ES 100 Dr. Andria Bilich and Dan Determan (National Geodetic Survey - NOAA) "Geo" Happens at NOAA Too: Science, Service, and Careers at The National Geodetic Survey
Feb 9 ES 100 Dr. Bernie Housen Ore Mineralization, Magnetic Anomalies, and Paleomagnetism
Feb 16 Zoom Adrian Bender (USGS, Alaska Science Center) Back to the Alaska Range via WWU Geology
Feb 23 ES 100 Dr. Bob Mitchell Salmon Need Water: Acknowledging Indigenous Treaty Rights
Mar 1 ES 100 Alex Dorigo

Magnetic characterization of the volcanic rocks at Block Mountain (SW Montana)

Mar 8 ES 100 URGE Pod Field Safety and Inclusivity