Undergraduate Advising

Students interested in a Geology Major or minor may declare at anytime before Phase I registration as long as they are in good academic standing. 

Major and minor declarations are completed remotely.

New majors and minors are not typically declared during Phase I registration due to the high number of registration requests. 

If you are interested in Geology, we strongly encourage you to meet with a department advisor early in your career at Western to discuss course selection, plan of study, research opportunities, volunteer opportunities, applying to graduate school, preparing for a career, and any other related topics. Please see the 2021-2022 catalog to learn more about the different program requirements. 

We encourage Transfer Students to declare in their first quarter at Western and if possible, contact the Department prior to coming to Western. We can assist you with course planning to assure that you are taking the appropriate transferrable courses and are prepared to take geology courses once you transfer to Western. 

The department advisors are committed to assisting students in determining their best program of study. We encourage students to declare a Geology Major before registration begins so you may have access to courses in the major prior to class registration. Most of our upper division courses are major restricted. Although overrides codes may be given, priority is always given to a student who is currently a major.

Faculty Advisors