Transfer Students


The first opportunity for new Transfer and Post-Bacc student to register for fall quarter is Fall Advising & Registration, which takes place in late July. You will receive an email from Western to sign up for your Fall A&R session. If you cannot attend Fall A&R, you will be able to enroll during Phase II registration, which typically starts at the end of August. 

Please contact the Geology Department ahead of time so we assist with transfer course assessment and first quarter planning. 

Geology Contact Info

Professor Bob Mitchell's website for prospective transfer students who are interested in geology. 

1. Contact the Department

Plan ahead and start early!

Welcome to Western and thank you for your interest in the Geology Department! 

We encourage Transfer and Post-Baccalaureate students to email the Department prior to coming to Western, and declare their major or premajor during their first quarter at Western.

In your email, please include your name, your Western ID (if you have one), what quarter you plan to start at Western, and which geology major you are interested in.

Please also include unofficial transcripts from your previous schools so we can assist you with course planning to assure that you are taking the appropriate transferrable courses and are prepared to take geology courses once you transfer to Western. 

2. Assessing Geology Transfer Equivalency

The Geology Department will review your unofficial transcript(s) for possible Geology transfer courses. 

The Program Coordinator will let you know if they need the syllabus for any of the courses. 

Please note that the Geology Department only evaluates equivalency for geology/earth science courses. For any other subjects, such as Math, Chemistry and Physics, please contact the respective departments for assessment. 

In State Transfer Courses

Most courses from community colleges and public baccalaureate institutions in Washington State have already been evaluated for equivalency.

If you are transferring from a Washington State college or university, please use the Transfer Equivalency Guide to find which courses from your institution transfer directly to Western Washington University.

To see a list of equivalent courses, select the Subject& (eg. Geol&).

If you do not see a course on the TEG or it does not show as a direct equivalent, please email the Geology Department your unofficial transcript and a syllabus for the course in question. The Geology Department will assess these courses on a case-by-case basis.

Out of State Transfer Courses

Courses from institutions outside of Washington have not been evaluated for equivalency; such courses will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the Geology Department. 

If you are transferring from a college outside of Washington State, please contact us as early as possible so we can provide an assessment of your geology courses.  

We will need the full course syllabus for the assessment, so please give yourself enough time to request syllabi from previous instructors/institutions.  

3. Schedule a major declaration appointment

When you are ready to declare your geology major or minor, schedule a declaration appointment with the Program Coordinator. Since most upper-division Geology courses are major-restricted, we recommend that you declare your major as early as possible. 

We encourage you to schedule an advising appointment with the Program Coordinator at any time to review the Geology programs, or to ask questions about your geology transfer courses. 

Contact the Geology Program Coordinator to schedule an advising appointment or major/minor declaration appointment. 

Professor Bob Mitchell is the Geology Faculty Transfer Advisor.