Geol 212 (Historical Geology) Outcomes Assessment

Course Outcomes Objectives (SWABAT)
1. Understand early evolution of Earth and how it came to support life.

1.1 Compare and contrast evolution of Earth, Mars and Venus.

1.2 Draw annotated diagram of Carbon Cycle.

2. Understand how plate tectonics has influenced continental evolution and deposition.

2.1 Place plate position maps in chronological order.

2.2 Describe origins of major mountain ranges.

2.3 Describe the geologic and climatic conditions that fostered conspicuous depositional patterns in North America.

3. Understand past and present climate patterns.

3.1 Draw recent global climate bands on a map.

3.2 Draw general ocean circulation patterns on a map.

3.3 Predict circulation and climate patterns on ancient plate configurations.

4.  Understand how the geologic record can be used to interpret Earth history.

4.1 Solve sequence of events diagrams.

4.2 Interpret geologic events from stratigraphic columns.

4.3 Draw the geologic timescale.

5. Understand major patterns in evolution of life. 5.1 Label a geologic timescale with major extinctions and dominant land and marine faunas.