Geol 318 (Structural Geology) Outcomes Assessment

Course Outcomes Course Objectives (SWBAT)
1. Understand how two dimensional images (e.g. maps, photographs) can be conceptualized in 3 dimensions.

1.1 Predict the geometry and location of structures at depth or in areas of poor outcrop

1.2 Construct a structurally viable cross section across a geologic map

1.3 Present and manipulate data using stereographic projection (stereonets)

2. Understand the geometry of geological structures in deformed continental regions.

2.1 Accurately describe in words and a sketch the structural elements in a hand sample or outcrop.

2.2 Describe the geometry of structures shown on a map.

2.3 Correctly measure, describe, and plot the orientation of a fold or fault on a map and stereonet

3. Understand the relative timing of formation of structures and the kinematics of deformation

3.1 Interpret the structural history of an area given a geologic map and cross section

3.2 Determine the orientation of shortening and extension that produced faults, folds, and fabrics in outcrop, hand sample, or photograph

4. Gain a basic understanding of the material properties of rocks and the theory of their mechanical behavior under ductile and brittle conditions from natural and experimental data

4.1 Distinguish between the concepts of stress and strain

4.2 Predict the geometry of structures in an extensional, compressional, or strike-slip regime

4.3 Distinguish between structures formed under brittle and ductile conditions

4.4 Describe the variables that lead to rock fracture and faulting