Eric Grossman, PhD

He/Him/His, Research Associate/U.S. Geological Survey

Educational & Professional Experience:

Ph.D. - Marine Geology and Geophysics, University of Hawaii, 2001
M.S. - Marine Geology and Geophysics, University of Hawaii, 1997
B.A. - Geography, University of California, Berkeley, 1989

Graduate and Undergraduate Studies and Internship Opportunities

Please contact me if you are interested in coastal research, I am always seeking candidates with quantitative, modeling and coding skills.

Areas of Expertise

Coastal Geology and Marine Geophysics
Nearshore Processes and Sediment Transport Modeling
Coastal Hazards, Vulnerability and Adaptation Science
Quaternary Geology, Sea Level and Climate Change
Seafloor Mapping and Shallow Geophysics
Carbonate Reef Geology and Diagenesis, Submarine Groundwater Discharge

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Geology
  • Introduction to Geology Laboratory
  • Guest lectures in Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, Oceanography, Marine Geology, Climate Change, Remote Sensing

Recent M.S. Students

M.S. Thesis, Avery Maverick (In Progress) Western Washington University, “Controls on wave runup and coastal storm impacts on mixed sediment beaches for coastal evolution modeling.
M.S. Thesis, Nathan vanArendonk (In Progress) Western Washington University, “Assessing Coastal Vulnerability to Storm Surge and Wave Impacts with Projected Sea-Level Rise within the Salish Sea”.
M.S. Thesis, Stefan Pluis. 2017. Utrecht University, Netherlands, “Sediment transport and impact of a diversion and sea-level rise on the routing of sediment in large river delta, Nisqually River Delta, Western Washington”.
M.S. Thesis, Amelia Deull-Rothleutner. 2017. Western Washington University, Sediment Budget of the Middle Reach Skagit River, Washington 1937-2015 Reveals Decadal Variations in Sediment Export and Storage”.
M.S. Thesis, Chad Stellern. 2016. Western Washington University, “Emergent Wetland Plant Biophysical Characteristics Associated with Wave Attenuation and Sediment Retention".M.S. Thesis, David Droppers, Western Washington University, ongoing, "Sediment Disturbance to Foraging Seabirds in the Skagit River Delta, Washington "
M.S. Thesis, Meghan Weaver, Western Washington University, 2013, "Identification of Erosion Controls Acting on the Beaches and Bluffs of Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve, Washington "
M.S. Thesis, Anna Davenport, San Francisco State University, 2012, "Eelgrass dynamics in response to wetland restoration at Nisqually Delta"
Ph.D. Dissertation Committee, Karen Lisa-Knee, Stanford University, 2010, "Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Associated Nutrient Subsidies to the Hawaiian Coast"
M.S. Thesis, Joel Breems, Univ. of Washington, 2009, "Assessing the Impacts of Wood Waste on Nearshore Habitat Function in Thatcher Bay Washington" Degree conferred: Feb. 2009
Post-Doctoral, David Finlayson, USGS Mendenhall, 2006, "Sediment Dynamics of Puget Sound Beaches


Research Interests

I currently lead the USGS Coastal Habitats in Puget Sound Project that examines the transport dynamics and fate of fluvial and littoral sediment in the coastal system. This effort is focused on sediment transport in mixed sediment beach systems to address the fate of beaches and bluffs, important coastal habitats, and coastal change in light of sea level rise.  This project uses measurements and modeling to examine potential coastal change as well as evaluate the influence of contaminants, particularly those preferentially transported with fine sediment to fish, shellfish and crustaceans (e.g., crab). I also co-lead development of the Puget Sound Coastal Storm Modeling System (PS-CoSMoS) which is a modeling framework to evaluate how coastal storms and waves will interact with sea level rise and changes in river flows/floods  and their impacts to coastal lands and resources. This project integrates downscaling of global climate models and watershed hydrology with coastal hydrodynamic modeling (see my Research Webpage).


Please contact me if you are interested or considering a graduate degree, senior honors thesis in these topics - I am looking for enthusiastic, motivated students with strong quantitative and coding skills.

Selected Awards & Honors:

2012    USGS Western States Diversity Award for innovative, transboundary and transcultural research with Pacific Northwest Tribes and Canadian First Nations.
2012    Washington State Governor's Smart Communities Award for research and leadership as part of the Skagit Climate Science Consortium and its input to EnvisionSkagit2060.
2011    Coastal America Award for design and implementation of integrated, interagency ecosystem restoration research Nisqually River Delta.
2010    USGS Western Region Science Strategy Success Award for implementing a nationally-recognized interdisciplinary research program in response to the National Academy of Science’s 2001 review of USGS science
2009    Department of Interior Partners in Cooperation Award for building a novel trans-boundary science program linking western science and Coast Salish traditional ways to improve understanding of the Salish Sea.
2009    Seattle Federal Executive Board Above and Beyond Award for dedication and excellence in public service for science and partnering across PNW agencies and Coast Salish Tribes and First Nations.

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