Liz Schermer, PhD

She/Her/Hers, Professor Emerita

Educational & Professional Experience:

1989 - Ph.D. in geology, Mass. Institute of Technology

1982 - B.S., Geology, Stanford University, California

1982 - A.B., English Literature, Stanford University, California

Areas of Expertise

Application of structural geology, metamorphic petrology, and geochronology to problems in continental tectonics; tectonic geomorphology and active faulting at continental margins.

Courses Taught

  • Structural Geology with lab: classroom version every year; field version every other year
  • Structural Geology of Washington Field course
  • Principles of Orogeny Seminar
  • Advanced Topics in Structural Geology
  • Field Theory
  • Field Methods 
  • Physical Geology

Recent M.S. Students

Eric Hoffnagle: Age, origin, and tectonic evolution of the Yellow Aster Complex: northwest Washington State.  Defense expected Fall, 2013.
Orion George: GIS Investigation of scarps on Slide Mountain, western Whatcom County, WA Spring 2012.
Julia Labadie:  Structural evolution of the Mt. Formidable region, North Cascades.  Fall 2009.
Elizabeth Siedlecki:  Holocene displacement on the Boulder Creek fault, Kendall, WA, and related seismic hazards. Fall 2009
Gerry Griesel: Kinematic analysis of ductile features, within the northern Wenatchee block, North Cascades, Washington. Spring, 2008.
Todd Belanger: Structural geology of the central San Juan islands. Winter, 2008.

Research Advising Category