Kerry Sieh, PhD

Research Associate

Educational & Professional Experience:


Ph.D. (Geology), Stanford University, 1977: “Late Holocene Displacement History along the South-Central Reach of the San Andreas Fault"

A.B. with highest honors (Geology), University of California, Riverside, 1972

Professional Positions

National Taiwan University

      Distinguished Chair Professor for Research (2020 and continues)

Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

      Distinguished Visiting Scholar (2020 and continues)

Nanyang Technological University

      Founding Director Emeritus, Earth Observatory of Singapore (2020 01 and continues)

      Professor Emeritus (2020 09 and continues)

      Director, Earth Observatory of Singapore, 2008-2019

      AXA-Nanyang Chair in Natural Hazards, 2012-2019

      Professor 2008 07-2020 01

California Institute of Technology

      Robert P. Sharp Professor of Geology, 2003-2008

      Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, 1977-2009

Recent Publications:


A. Verolino, S.F. Jenkins, K. Sieh, J.Herrin, D. Schonwalder-Angel, V. Sihavong, and J. Oh, Assessing volcanic hazard and exposure to lava flows at remote volcanic fields: a case study from the Bolaven Volcanic Field, Laos. J Appl. Volcanol. 11, 6 (2022).


R. Michael Feener, Patrick Daly, E. Edwards Mckinnon, Luca Lum En-Ci, Ardiansyah, Nizamuddin, Nazli Ismail, Tai Yew Seng, Jessica Rahardjo, and Kerry Sieh. "Islamisation and the Formation of Vernacular Muslim Material Culture in 15th-Century Northern Sumatra".

In Indonesia and the Malay World.


Tai, Yew Seng, Patrick Daly, E. Edwards Mckinnon, Andrew Parnell, R. Michael Feener, Jedrzej Majewski, Nazli Ismail, and Kerry Sieh. "The impact of Ming and Qing dynasty maritime bans on trade ceramics recovered from coastal settlements in northern Sumatra, Indonesia".

Archaeological Research in Asia 21 (2020): 100174.

Latrubesse, Edgardo, Edward Park, Kerry Sieh, T. Dang, Yunung Lin and Sang-Ho Yun.  Dam failure and a catastrophic flood in the Mekong basin (Bolaven Plateau), southern Laos.  Geomorphology 362 (2020)


Sieh, K., Herrin, J., Jicha, B., Angel, D.S., Moore, J.D., Banerjee, P., Wiwegwin, W., Sihavong, V., Singer, B., Chualaowanich, T. and Charusiri, P. “Australasian impact crater buried under the Bolaven volcanic field, Southern Laos”. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2019).

Daly, Patrick, Kerry Sieh, Tai Yew Seng, Edmund Edwards McKinnon, Andrew C. Parnell, R. Michael Feener, Nazli Ismail, and Jedrzej Majewski. "Archaeological evidence that a late 14th- century tsunami devastated the coast of northern Sumatra and redirected history." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116, no. 24 (2019): 11679-11686.

Daly, Patrick, R. Michael Feener, Edmund Edwards McKinnon, Tai Yew Seng, Ardiansyah, Andrew C. Parnell, Nizamuddin, Nazli Ismail, Kerry Sieh, and Jedrzej Majewski. “The Historical Trading Port of Lamri on the North Sumatran Coast.”  Bulletin de l’Ecole Francaise d’Extreme-Orient 105: 115-144.

Bradley, K., Qin, Y., Carton, H., Hananto, N., Villanueva‐Robles, F., Leclerc, F., Wei, Shengji.,

Tapponnier, P., Sieh, K. Stratigraphic control of frontal décollement level and structural vergence and implications for tsunamigenic earthquake hazard in Sumatra, Indonesia. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 20 (2019), 1646–1664. .

Martin, Stacey Servito, Linlin Li, Emile A. Okal, Julie Morin, Alexander EG Tetteroo, Adam D. Switzer, and Kerry E. Sieh. "Reassessment of the 1907 Sumatra “tsunami earthquake” based on macroseismic, seismological, and tsunami observations, and modeling." Pure and Applied Geophysics (2019): 1-38. 176, 2831–2868 (2019) doi:10.1007/s00024-019-02134-2

Nugroho Hananto, Asmoune Boudarine, Helene Carton, Satish Singh, Praditya Avianto, Yanfang Qin, Dibakar Ghosa , Rina Zuraida, Paul Tapponnier, Christine Deplus, Kerry Sieh, Florent Szitkar, Jerôme Dyment, Sven Petersen, Jörg Bialas, Meike Klischies , Sebastian Graber , Dirk Klaeschen, Isobel Yeo , Bramley Murton. Detachment tectonics at Mid-Atlantic Ridge 26°N. Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group. 9 (1) (2019), pp.174-186.


Shi, X., Y. Wang, K. Sieh, R. Weldon, L. Feng, C.-H. Chan and J. Liu-Zeng (2018). "Fault Slip and GPS Velocities Across the Shan Plateau Define a Curved Southwestward Crustal Motion Around the Eastern Himalayan Syntaxis." Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 123(3): 2502- 2518;doi:2510.1002/2017JB015206.

Shi, X., R. Weldon, J. Liu-Zeng, Y. Wang, E. Weldon, K. Sieh, Z. Li, J. Zhang, W. Yao and Z. Li (2018). "Limit on slip rate and timing of recent seismic ground-ruptures on the Jinghong fault, SE of the eastern Himalayan syntaxis." Tectonophysics 734-735: 148-166;

Shi, X., Sieh, K., Weldon, R., Zhu, C., Han, Y. (2018). "Slip Rate and Rare Large Prehistoric Earthquakes of the Red River Fault, Southwestern China." Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems: doi:10.1029/2017GC007420.

Research Interests

Earthquake geology (neotectonics and paleoseismology)

Tsunami geology

Extraterrestrial impact geology

Physical volcanology

Selected Awards & Honors:

Honorary member, Association of Engineering Geologists, 2018

Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2017 Harry Fielding Reid Medal, 2013, Seismological Society of America (SSA)

Best Paper Award, 2012, Geological Society of America, Structural Geology Division (for Yule and Sieh, 2003)

Fellow, American Geophysical Union, 2001 Member, National Academy of Sciences, 1999 Fellow, Geological Society of America, 1996

National Academy of Sciences Award for Initiatives in Research, 1982

E.B. Burwell, Jr., Memorial Award of the Engineering Geology Division, Geological Society of America (for Sieh 1978)